Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update on the girls...

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They feel much better although they are still having cough and runny nose. We went to their pediatrician yesterday and no infection found which is good. They where given triaminic thin strips and thank God they were able to take it. I should not buy any of the liquid medicines anymore because they don't like the taste even with flavoring. Jewelle's swelling on the eye subsided yesterday too. I still have no idea what might have caused it. I mention about insect bites to her doctor but she said that it should swell up too big if it's from an insect bite. She said it was most likely that she touched something and rubbed it on her eye that's why her eye swelled. Then I thought about that what could have she touched at 11:30 at night in our room to make her swell like that. Arghhh!! If only we know what's her allergies are then it would be easier. Her appointment to the allergist is still about a month away. I guess we just have to be more careful. Wiping everything she might touch. Poor kid I have her wash her hands every couple of minutes or so..which isn't too bad because she likes to play with the water. Better safe than sorry I guess.

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