Thursday, August 30, 2007

Walmart Coupons

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I still have a few things to buy in preparation for Baby JE's arrival. Since I had Jewelle over three years ago I didn't know how much baby's things are now. They are so expensive. Travel systems that we bought way back were just about $100 now you can't even find a travel system that much anymore. Car seats usually run from $100 to beyond. So to save money I need to find coupons to save some money. I know that Walmart is much cheaper than most stores that carry baby's things so I need to find online Walmart coupons. There are a bunch of stuff that I need to grab over there and when I found online coupons for Walmart at I was so excited to start shopping. If you also are in search of online coupons go try gogoshopper they have a lot of coupons you can use. With hundreds of stores you can find a store where you can save a lot of money. A little thing can save you a lot.