Saturday, September 29, 2007

He's here!!!

9:12 PM / 5 comments not the's why I have been preoccupied lately because my dear hubby is finally home. He flew from Hawaii to San Diego last Sunday and he was on leave from Monday to Saturday so he spent the week with us. It was great to have him back. The girls especially Jewelle were so happy because when her sister goes to school she really have nobody to play with and with her Daddy around she has somebody to play with her and carry her around. We surprised Jelynn after school Monday because she didn't know her Daddy is coming home but instead of hugging her Daddy she cried hahaha. I forgot she's like Mommy she doesn't like surprises. It also took awhile for her to warm up to Rico but by the end of the day she was like her Daddy's twin. Always asking Rico to carry her and play with her. We dropped Rico off to the airport again though this afternoon. It was heartbreaking to see Jewelle crying because she wanted to go with Daddy. It was hard again for her to see her Daddy leave even though I kept telling her her Daddy will come back next week she was still crying almost all the way home. And when her Dad called she didn't want to talk to him. Ahhh...poor girl. I know that it's going to be like this for awhile until we move back to San Diego again. But since Jelynn started school already and Rico still leaving in January we can't move back to San Diego. I know how hard this will be for the girls but this is the nature of Rico's job. We all have to cope with the situation I guess.

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