Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jelynn is sick again....

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It must be the weather. Her cold is on and off. When it gets a little colder she'll cough more and have a constant runny nose. Ever since she was two years old, she stopped taking naps but yesterday when she got home from school she went to sleep. I told her to stay home today but she flat out refused to. She really loves going to school and since she was fighting with me about it I let her go to school. If she has the energy to fight I guess she feels a little better. I gave her some triaminic thin strips to ease her cough. Poor girl she's been coughing a lot last night plus her congestion made her snore lol. This is what I hate about San Francisco, the weather keep changing and Jelynn's body does not like it. I think just like her Daddy their bodies love warm weather and cold weather gives them allergies of some kind. Hopefully she feels much better tomorrow if not I have no choice but to bring her in to see her pediatrician. I don't want her colds to turn into infection.

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