Thursday, September 6, 2007


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A kilt is a traditional garment of modern Scottish culture. Kilts exist in various modern forms, and in forms inspired by the historical garment. Knee-length, skirtlike garment worn by men as part of the traditional national garb, or Highland dress, of Scotland. It is made of pleated wool and wrapped around the waist so that the pleats are in the back and the flat ends overlap in front. It is usually worn with the plaid, a rectangular length of cloth draped over the left shoulder. Both kilt and plaid are woven with a tartan pattern. I have always been fascinated with the Scottish kilts because of the design and I thought Rico would look great in a kilt. Since Halloween is coming up I think he'll look so cute in a kilt as a costume. For different kinds of kilt for men or women and kids have great selection of kilts. Either a casual one of a formal one. Take your pick.