Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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My Dad has been complaining about me using the computer late at night with a dim light. I can't use the bright light because the girls sleep early. So I have been surfing the net with a dim light and my Dad kept telling me that I might ruin my eyes because it's too dark to be reading and looking at the computer with just a little light. To make him stop complaining I need to buy lamps that isn't too bright but not too dim either. A desk lamp that I can use when the girls are sleeping and I'm surfing the net at night.

I found great selection of lamps at Since I do have a hard time going around to shop with Jewelle in tow and my huge pregnant self I usually order a lot of stuff online. I found Farreys to have the best selection of floor lamps and table lamps. I can now surf the net at night without Daddy Dearest giving me a lecture heheh.