Wednesday, September 19, 2007

running around like a madwoman

5:52 PM / 0 comments seems that's what I have been doing lately. I still have so many things to do before the baby comes. I did finally preregister at the hospital so I can give birth anytime hahaha. I still have a few shopping to do but maybe I have Rico to that once he gets home hehehe. Inutusan ba? lol. Today was no exception. I dropped Jelynn off to school, got myself and Jewelle ready for a 10:30 appointment to the OB, then registered at the hospital, then we ran to Babies R Us for additional clothes for Baby JE. Then of course we have to go drop by Carter's because I need more blankets for the baby. After that we dropped by Target for "card making" supplies so the girls' can make a welcome back home card for Daddy because their Ninang Laly gave them some military stickers to use. Then we were going to drop by Lucky's for milk but we ran out of time we had to pick up Ate from school. After school instead of going to Lucky's we went home because of the complaining kids hahaha their tummies were grumbling daw ...Ahhh! Once finished eating we all fell asleep hahaha tired from walking and running around I guess. Tomorrow will be a new day...