Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Update on Jelynn's schooling

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I'm so proud of her because she has been such a great girl. She started school last week with no apprehension at all. She was full of excitement. Even before the 29th she was counting the days when she'll be back to school. I left her in school without worrying because I know she'll be good. I see most of her classmates teary eyed everytime they were dropped off but Jelynn is the opposite. She loves waking up in the morning and going to school. She even LOVES to do homework. I try to help her but she doesn't like me helping her. So I let her do her homework herself. Her homeworks has been pretty easy for her because she's been used to doing workbooks. I buy her workbooks all the time and she loves to do them. I picked her up today and the teacher talked to me about her. OMG I thought she did something wrong LOL. She said Jelynn is pretty smart. She can memorize a lot of stuff pretty easily. She even memorized her lunch menu and not just memorize it she memorized it in order lol. The teacher is pretty amazed at how good her memory is and how much she can read. To tell you the truth I don't teach her because she doesn't want me to plus I don't have that much patience. She teaches herself by asking questions and when I'm reading she can remember the words which is pretty great. I'm not really superstitious at all but I think giving her a dictionary as her first pillow does work hehe. She's a reader at such a young age and she loves to study.

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