Saturday, September 29, 2007

You Make me Smile Award

8:14 PM / 2 comments

Thanks Yen for this award. It made my day. I'm sorry it took awhile for me to finish it.

Here's my list of my friends who makes me smile too:

Yen: my scrapping idol..she always have the greatest layouts...It's always worth checking out her blog for all the beautiful pictures she takes. I love her because she takes the time to visit my blog all the time.. Thanks girl!

Shabem: I started digiscrapping because of her and I would never forget all the sweet and encouraging comments she gave me with all my layouts.

Rissa: She always leave me sweet comments even though she's busy with her boys and I appreciate that always.

JenR: For also checking out my entries even though she has to go through a bunch of paid posts.

And all you ladies and gents out there who have the time to check on me ...thank you..all the wonderful comments always makes me smile. I love you all.