Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ford Blue Scholars Design Challenge

12:18 PM / 2 comments

I know that some of you ladies are addicted to digiscrapping like me and you probably mastered Adobe Photo shop or any other program you may use. There's a great contest going on right now at Ford Blue Oval Scholars. Ford Blue Oval Scholars is a program that will provide scholarship winners a place to network, share information, learn about internships and jobs, plan and implement community service initiatives and access information about careers at Ford. This is a great place for people who would love to work with this award-winning company. The program kicks off with a logo design contest which is open to professional or amateur designers 16 years old and over. The winning logo will be used for the Ford Blue Oval Scholars whether through the web or any printed materials. So if you love to design this is a great opportunity to try. They will pick the top ten and get these wonderful prizes:

* 1. First Place - Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design
Premium = Retail $1,700
* 2. Second Place - $300 for design software of choice
* 3. Third Place - $150 for design software of choice
* 4. Fourth Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 5. Fifth Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 6. Sixth Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 7. Seventh Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 8. Eight Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 9. Ninth Place - $50 Music Download Card
* 10. Tenth Place - $50 Music Download Card

For more information about the contest click here. Try your luck there's nothing to lose, only everything to gain.