Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting ready ....

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I sometimes procrastinate..I only had my hospital bag done just about a couple of weeks ago hehehe. I know in my heart I wouldn't give birth that early that's why I didn't pack it earlier. Here are what I'm bringing:

*Gazillion panties hahahah(yes too many of them)
*Thick socks
*going home clothes (I actually have three hahaha..I have it in different sizes just in case I don't fit)
*my Rebel (of course I wouldn't dare give birth without a camera lol)

For the Baby
*5 one pieces
*3 receiving blankets
*1 big blanket
*5 going home clothes ( heheh I can't decide once again)
*2 sweaters
*4 socks

These are what I'm bringing for about 48 hours stay in the hospital lol. Even though we live like 5 minutes from the hospital hahaha. I didn't even pack anything for Rico because he can just go home and take a shower hahah.

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