Thursday, October 4, 2007

In search of a car seat again....

8:15 PM / 0 comments we bought a car seat about a week ago when Rico arrived. It was okey when we were in the store but then when we went home I started to dislike it lol. We're not getting a travel system this time because most travel system are too big. I don't want to go around having a very large stroller. They would consume all the space of the trunk. So this time around we opted to just buy a infant car seat frame since I know for a fact the baby would need a stroller just yet. The baby will probably just stay in the car seat instead of stroller so we decided to buy a stroller when the baby is a little bigger so it would be a compact stroller. So now we bought a car seat and it was green lol I kinda don't like it because it doesn't match the black car seat frame. I'm looking for a car seat that matched the frame but couldn't find any here that I like. Arghhh! I could give birth any day now and I'm still looking for the perfect car seat LOL...we'll I haven't return the car seat we bought just in case I can't find any lol. Time to look for car seat this weekend and hopefully get one before the baby comes out hehehe.