Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's October already?

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OMG Can you believe how time flies? It's already October. Where did the other months go? It seems like it was just the beginning of the year now we're approaching Christmas. Ah Christmas with all the Christmas shopping and all the Holiday rush. I keep telling myself every year that I won't be included in the holiday rush but I always find myself shopping the last minute for gifts I completely forgot. The girls have their lists already. They actually asked me to put it on Kaboodle too hahaha. I will have to start buying them soon before they sold out. I remember them asking us to buy the Dora Talking Kitchen but by Thanksgiving the thing is sold out everywhere. I can't even find it until now. Maybe they'll have it once the holidays approaches. So is our wallet ready? Not really hahaha it was still recovering from last Christmas lol.

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