Friday, October 5, 2007

Ramblings before the weekend

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Rico's coming home again today and won't be back to work until the end of the month. He is taking his Baby leave early because I'm getting nervous already hahaha. I think I may go in labor any day now and I don't want to take the chance of giving birth by myself. I mean it's okey if I give birth during the day since there are always flights coming and going but what if I give birth during the night..he can't just take a flight he has to wait until the morning and with my history of fast labor, I think I probably have given birth by then hehehe. Since I have been feeling a lot of contractions lately I think it'll be any day now. Hopefully sometime after the 8th because I still have to bring my little girl to her allergist on Monday hahaha. I had an appointment last Wednesday and she predicted that it can happen this weekend but I doubt it hahaha I'm only 1.5 cm dilated. I think it will still be awhile. But she said because this is the third baby it can go faster than the previous ones. And she said that once I go into labor she's pretty sure it won't be false will definitely a labor that will bring out the baby. Ahhh...I'm because I don't know when I'm giving birth. With both kids I had induction done so I didn't panic or anything. Hopefully it doesn't happen in the middle of the night or we're far away from the hospital lol. We have been preparing the house for the big arrival. We want everything clean and with two little girls that's a hard thing to do lol. I also started my laundry ahha I want to be able to iron Jelynn's uniforms and get all her clothes ready before I go into labor. So that's about it...hope you have a great weekend! For those who live her in the States, you are probably having a three day weekend... Have fun!