Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ramblings and Rants

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Gosh I hardly drop by this blog anymore hahaha. It's so hard to update four blogs regularly. Plus everytime Rico is here I don't get to blog. Last weekend Rico came home because it's his weekend off. He gets every other weekend off. So when he is here I try not to spend too much time in the computer since we don't see him everyday. We want to spend as much time with him as possible. It was a busy weekend for us. We had to go San Mateo to pick up Jessela's birth certificate so Rico can add her to our insurance. Then we went to Schubert's for their delicious chocolate mousse cake. A one month cake for Jessela hehehe. Saturday we went to my nephew's bday party. We were invited to a friend's son party too but we just don't have the time anymore because my cousin lives all the way to Pittsburg about an hour drive but since traffic was bad going across the bay we waited in traffic for about an hour. Argghh! Rico left Sunday night. He was delayed for nearly 4 hours because it was foggy in San Diego. They were having a hard time flying in to San Diego. He got to San Diego at 1AM. He won't be with us this Thanksgiving because he is working until the 21st then he works again on the 23rd. I don't want to book him a $300 flight for just an overnight stay. hahahah Pangshashopping ko na lang yon lol. So that was our weekend. We still can't get an interview to the priest. I'm really getting frustrated. And Rico won't be home again until the 14th of December. So I don't know how January 5th baptism is going to happen. Hopefully it will because I don't want to baptised Jessela later than that. And if we wait until Rico comes home after his deployment next year it'll be about June and Jessela would already be 8 months old. Ang tanda na magbinyag lol. Plus I want her to be able to have the Lord's blessing as early as possible. Oh well hopefully I get an appointment for an interview next week since they don't do interviews this week because of Thanksgiving.

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