Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Little School Girl

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I completely forgot about sharing Jelynn's first day of school pics. Here's a layout I did of her first day of kindergarten:

Credits are in my DST Gallery.

Anyways, Jelynn has been doing pretty good in school. The teacher has been very impressed by all the things she can do especially she never attended preschool. I don't think I should give credit to myself though hahaha because I didn't actually sit next to her and teach her. I do buy her activity books and I did subscribe at Disney's Preschool time online which she plays most of the time. And I'm also pretty proud because she can figure things out on her own. She would ask me questions occasionally when she doesn't know something but most of the time she figures it out. What I do try to do though is read to the girls everyday before they sleep and once they have that schedule down they would read books throughout the day and it was a great help for both the girls. Their vocabulary expanded and their memories are amazing.

Jelynn memorized the Pledge of Allegiance within two weeks and Jewelle memorized it after three weeks. They love to recite it whenever their lolo and lola asks them to. When Jelynn's class turn to do the Pledge for the whole class her teacher told me she will lead the whole school. Of course, I'm a proud mommy lol. But since she loves school so much she doesn't want to be absent at all even though she doesn't feel well. She is sick again. Been throwing up and having a mild diarrhea. I argue with her that she should just stay home and we'll be going to the doctor but she keeps telling me she NEEDS to go to school. So we just let her go. We just let her teacher know that she hasn't been feeling well lately. I cannot believe how much she loves going to school...but at least we didn't have a hard time putting her to school...Hopefully Jewelle will be the same hehehe.

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